Theo began his professional journey in the field of scientific research, exploring themes of genetic evolution and developmental biology. Naturally curious about the world and how we co-exist, I moved across the world to calm the nomadic beast inside, collecting human stories everywhere that let me.

My career advanced into Service Design by helping restaurants and hotels operationalise work-flows, staffing, branding and menu design. Work brought me to Turkey, Sri Lanka, Germany, New Zealand, Colombia before coming back to Singapore. These are places that forged me to be a collaborator and problem-solver. I worked with people from every background, each carrying their own hope and dream, fear and frustration. I listened and learned with empathy.

I believe in the power of good story-telling above all, what connects us as human beings. No matter where we come from, we each have our own battle to fight, story to share. Being a Product Designer allows me to hear the voices of the people so they never get lost in today's world of information overload. This is where I find impact in my work.

When I’m not creating design, I enjoy all things outdoor, especially hiking and scuba diving. I recognise the absurdism of life and always seek to share moments with people around me by spreading love and kindness. In this wonderful chaos of life, I appreciate quiet moments like drinking chai with monks in the mountains and dancing with manta rays in the ocean.